Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How to: Use up Nail Polish

I dont know about you (but im feeling twenty-two aha no.) Im actually talking about the fact that I've got myself quite a collection of old, chunky nail polishes in my drawer. I dont use them because they are impossible to paint your nails with, but i don't throw them away because that would just be wasteful, right? ;) If you're in the same boat, then I've got some great ways to reduce your hoard. These are great ways to use up your nail polish because those colours deserve to be seen somewhere, if not on your nails.

1  Save your rings

I learned this common but clever tip a while back, you know those rings that leave green marks on your fingers? (Think souvenir mood rings and costume jewelry). Use clear nail polish and paint the inside edge of the ring (the part that touches your finger) and those green marks are no more! This is a great way to save those rings that leave the annoying marks on your finger instead of tossing them or never wearing them. This also works with other metals that are irritation your skin, like necklace pendants or even buttons.

2  Seal frayed edges

Clear polish can also seal the frayed edges of thread, making threading a needle much easier. Got any other fraying threads on your clothes, clear polish will seal that right up. You can even use it to seal up the runs on your tights, giving you a little bit more time with them before you have to toss them.

3  Waterproof (insert item name here)

Another good use for clear polish, you can use it to waterproof the tips of you matches, and any labels that you leave outside in the garden. You can also use it to rustproof screws, and type of spray cans, and small gardening decor.

4  Save your glasses!

I wish I knew about this tip before one of the screws in my sunglasses fell out and disappeared. You can prevent what i just explained from happening by dabbing a tiny droplet of clear polish over tightened screws in your glasses/sunglasses.

5 Colour!

But what do I do with my old coloured polishes? You can have lots of fun decorating your keys, making them easier to identify, especially if you've got 2 or more similar ones. You can also use coloured polish to make those boring old pushpins cuter with just a dab of your brush. Another cool idea is decorating your phone cases by either painting the side, or making your own design! Use tape for clean edges!

Case-Mate Barely There Case - Transparent (click here)

6  Fix up smudges and scratches!

You have these beautiful flats/heels, except for the tiny scuff mark on the toe? Search for a similar colour in you nail stash, and cover it up! Also works for anything  else, like scratches on your phone perhaps?  ;)

7 Customize your jewelry! 

If you are sick of your plain metal ring/necklace pendant/hairpin, and want that pop of colour, then your nail polish stash is your best friend! With some brushstrokes, you'll have a brand new piece of jewelry for free!

What do you think? Which tip is your favourite? I hope this post helped you a little bit with getting rid of those old polishes!

- Genevieve


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  1. Great tips! Love your intro :)

  2. Really useful tips. I think I'll try the first one because I have rings I love but leave the classic green mark on my finger...

    1. I have rings like that as well, hope it works great for you :)

  3. You've come up with some fantastic ideas - I finally got around to throwing out my old unused nail varnishes a couple of weeks ago and now I'm wishing I hadn't! Have a lovely week :)



    1. Aww thank you! Haha I guess then this warrants another trip to the store for some new colours ;)

  4. Great post! You give me some ideas to custom my things with aaaallll my nail polish!
    It's a great blog, i have a new blog and i'm glad that you read my post, would you like to follow each other?



  5. Awesome post! I love it:)


  6. Wow what clever ideas! I will have to try these

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  7. I love your tips, especially the one for glasses. I wish I had known that earlier I'm always having issues with my glasses


    1. Aww thank you so much! At least you're ready next time :)

  8. What amazing tips! I have never thought of any of these before! I think one about the rings is such a great tip. x x


  9. Lovely post! I just discovered your blog and it is so nice :) Keep up the good work!

    Juliana Grace | www.julianagraceblogspace.blogspot.com

  10. I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog for some reason so I thought I'd come check you out and leave one in return. Turns out this was a very good idea of mine hahaha! This post is so useful, I literally have draws and draws full of nail polish which I will never get through (I always find people tend to give nail polish as little gifts, so I just acquire so many). That glasses screw trick is such a good idea and I definitely have a load of scratched shoes I could fix up!

    Thank you for this <3

    Liv in Fashion

    1. Aww I am glad you checked out my blog as well, Thank you for this lovely comment! I find that I accumulate many half empty nail polishes as well because I couldn't use them up before they turn gloopy.

  11. I love the idea of fixing scuffed shoes and phones never though of nail varnish

  12. haha ! great tips !!! :)


  13. Wow thanks for such useful tips!
    I will definitely try #4!

    xxx from Tokyo

  14. I am pretty useless with nail polish in general but now you've given me more ways than one to use them! thanks for this xx

  15. Very interesting and fun post, babe.Well done!

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